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brainpop - circulatory system

Quiz by Jen Hines

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a synonym for the circulatory system?
    cardiovascular system
    immune system
    respiratory system
    nervous system
  • Q2
    Where in your body can you find blood vessels? Choose the best answer.
    in your hands and feet
    in your head
    virtually everywhere
    around your heart
  • Q3
    To which part of a car is the heart most similar?
    steering wheel
  • Q4
    How does pulmonary circulation differ from coronary circulation?
    coronary circulation occurs in the heart; pulmonary circulation occurs in the heart and lungs
    coronary circulation occurs in the brain; pulmonary circulation occurs in the lungs
    coronary circulation occurs throughout the body; pulmonary circulation occurs in the heart
  • Q5
    What can you infer about carbon dioxide from the fact that your body needs to breathe it out?
    without it, the lungs would not be able to function
    it can be harmful if it builds up in the bloodstream
    it is necessary for life
  • Q6
    How does your body acquire the oxygen the cells in your body need to function?
  • Q7
    Through which type of circulation does blood flow to your hands and feet?
    coronary circulation
    pulmonary circulation
    systemic circulation
    cardiac circulation
  • Q8
    What would happen if your circulatory system did not deliver oxygen to your body's cells?
    your body's cells would shut down
    your body's cells would multiply at twice their normal rate
    your body's cells would enter your bloodstream
    your body's cells would use carbon dioxide instead
  • Q9
    Blood leaves your heart through the largest artery in the body called the _________________.
    vena cava
    big artery

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