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Quiz by Jen Hines

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  • Q1
    In what way is blood the body's liquid messenger?
    blood delivers electrical messages from the brain to the rest of the body
    blood delivers chemical messages to the body's organs
    blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells
    blood carries nutrients from the stomach to the intestines
  • Q2
    If you wanted to see red blood cells being created, where would you look?
    inside your lungs
    inside your liver
    inside your bones
    inside your heart
  • Q3
    What can you infer about plasma from the fact that it's almost completely clear?
    it contains a lot of oxygen
    it's almost completely made of water
    it cannot be found in the bloodstream
    it helps fight infections
  • Q4
    What can you conclude about a red blood cell (erythrocyte) that's bright red in color?
    it is on its way to the lungs to pick up more oxygen
    it is fighting a pathogen
    it's full of oxygen
    it is helping your body heal a cut
  • Q5
    How does a red blood cell attach oxygen to itself?
    with erythrocytes
    with plasma
    with platelets
    with hemoglobin
  • Q6
    How do white blood cells compare to red blood cells?
    there are more white blood cells than red blood cells
    white blood cells contain more oxygen
    white blood cells are bigger than red blood cells
    white blood cells are smaller than red blood cells
  • Q7
    What is the main function of platelets?
    helping your blood to clot
    fighting invading germs
    preventing your blood from coagulating
    delivering oxygen to your body's cells
  • Q8
    How do some white blood cells fight invading germs?
    they envelop (surround) them
    they force them out of the bloodstream
    they attach oxygen to them
    they stun them with special chemicals

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