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Brave Little Toaster

Quiz by Leanna Niemann

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  • Q1
    Why does Mister Toussaint’s refrigerator order more groceries?
    Miz Rousseau receives a signed order for more groceries.
    The refrigerator detects that all the food has gone bad.
    The appliances reach a quorum about placing an order.
    LOONY GOONY tells the refrigerator the food is spoiled.
  • Q2
    The police arrest Mister Toussaint because
    it is illegal to dispose of smart devices in public.
    they believe the energy beverage is hazardous material.
    the train station has been evacuated for no reason
    they are collecting all the energy beverages for disposal.
  • Q3
    The toaster is able to destroy LOONY GOONY because
    the quorum-sensors approve of its actions.
    the other appliances are afraid of the toaster.
    toasters are braver than all other appliances.
    it does not receive messages from other devices.

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