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Brave New World Chapter 14

Quiz by Goose Juice

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    How does Linda die?
    She chokes to death.
    The nurse gives her the wrong medicine.
    The children scare her.
    Bernard stabs her.
  • Q2
    What saying or song does the savage remember?
    Oranges and Lemons
    Cleanliness is next to Fordliness
    A, B, C, Vitamin D
    Black is such a beastly color
  • Q3
    Why does the savage shove the child?
    He made fun of and insulted Linda’s appearance.
    He didn’t share his dessert.
    He looks at him funny.
    He calls him stupid.
  • Q4
    Who does Linda think of while in her drug-induced sleep?
    Her best friend

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