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Brokerage Terminology

Quiz by Christy Taylor

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    BOSS is the application used in Brokerage Rating. What does BOSS stand for?
    Brokerage Operations Support System
    Broker Operating Service System
    Big Ops System of Support
    Bond Operating Service System
  • Q2
    Which government agency is CBP?
    Customs and Border Protection
    U.S. Customs
    Customer Border Protection
    Customs Border Patrol
  • Q3
    UPS requires a customs POA to transfer liability to the importer. What does POA stand for?
    Power Over Accounts
    Products of Assistance
    People of Acclaim
    Power of Attorney
  • Q4
    F&W is government agency that enforces the Endangered Species Act. What does F&W stand for?
    Feds and Work
    Food and Wildlife
    Fish and Wildlife
    Federal Wildlife
  • Q5
    What is the eleven digit number used by Customs to identify import shipments called?
    Entry Number
    Tracking Number
    Shipment ID Number
    Exchange Rate
  • Q6
    Which government agency is FDA?
    Federal Drug Administration
    Fish and Wildlife
    Food and Drug Administration
    Fish, Drugs and Assault
  • Q7
    What is the abbreviation for the Toxic Substance Control Act?
  • Q8
    The Exception Package Level Detail or XPLD can also be known as a ________.
    The repository
    Hold Code
    Exception Code
    Value for holding a shipment
  • Q9
    What does NEV stand for?
    Non-dutiable Value
    Net Entered Value
    No Commercial Value
    No Entered Value
  • Q10
    What does VLM stand for?
    Value for Customs only
    Very Large Multinational
    Various Import Modalities
    Very Important Modes of Transport

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