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Bruh, Fox, Wolf

Quiz by Nicole Meile

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  • Q1
    The animals in the forest want he Lion to...
    leave Bruh Bear and Bruh Rabbit alone
    stop making so much noise
    move to another part of the forest
    stop eating them in the morning
  • Q2
    Bruh Bear and Bruh Rabbit agree to...
    drive he Lion away
    trap he Lion
    speak to he Lion
    trick he Lion
  • Q3
    He Lion refuses to quit roaring so loudly because he...
    likes to scare everyone
    is the king of the forest
    must roar loudly to scare Man
    enjoys making noise
  • Q4
    What does he Lion do when he learns Man is the real king of the forest?
    He laughs because he doesn't believe it.
    He vows to eat Man up at the first opportunity.
    He wants to be taken to man for himself.
    He fears Man and quickly runs away.
  • Q5
    Why do the bear and rabbit hide in the thicket?
    to avoid trouble and save their skins
    to hide from lion so that he can't find them
    so that they can play a trick on Man
    to stay out of he Lion's way while he attacks
  • Q6
    Which character from the story is a trickster?
    Bruh Bear
    Bruh Rabbit
    He Lion
  • Q7
    After meeting Man, he Lion...
    learns to be more peaceable in the forest
    roars as loudly and as often as before
    dreams of making a meal out of Man
    is angry he was tricked so easily
  • Q8
    Which of the following best sums up the lesson taught in "The Fox and the Crow"?
    If you let flattery go to your head, you'll pay the price.
    If you open your mouth too much, you'll lose things.
    Don't ever let a fox near a crow
    If you have something valuable, you won't have friends.
  • Q9
    When the House Dog first tells the Wolf about his life in the village, the Wolf is...
    more eager than ever to eat the House Dog
    horrified by the idea of eating pizza crusts and chicken leftovers
    excited about the luxurious lifestyle and the abundance of food
    terrified of the idea of having to live with people in town
  • Q10
    What conclusion does the Wolf make at the end of the fable?
    It doesn't pay to dream about food.
    Freedom is worth more than unlimited food.
    The House Dog has been brainwashed.
    Living with people would be completely wonderful.
  • Q11
    One characteristic of these three tales or fables is...
    the idea that a small animal can have a lot of power
    that each story has been written as a play
    the focus on human characters and the mistakes they make
    the use of animals to teach important lessons
  • Q12
    Like the characters in many folk tales, the rabbit in "He Lion, Bruh Bear, and Bruh Rabbit" is a character that...
    is not able to trick his enemy although he tries
    is silly and always gets others to laugh at him
    is an underdog but is also a trickster
    is weak and feeble, not recognizing his strength
  • Q13
    Folk ales and fables like these are stories that...
    are simple stories with simple plots and no real meaning
    were never told aloud and have recently been written
    were told aloud for hundreds of years before they were written down
    can't be translated and only are told in ancient languages
  • Q14
    Not only are the main characters of these tales animals but the animals...
    know more than people
    are all tricksters
    all live in the jungle
    talk and act like people

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