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BSED Social Studies 2 - Anthropology


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  • Q1
    Which of the following best describes Anthropology?
    It is a discipline pejoring labelled as, "child of colonization"
    It problematizes the unjust result of the exercise of power.
    It is a science that deals with the past human life activities by studying material remains such as fossils
    It involves social factors that shapes individual actions of social interactions.
  • Q2
    The following are the reasons why we should study Anthropology except:
    because it is in the syllabus and is required by the curriculum
    because it helps us to differentiate and criticize human beings
    because it helps us to learn more about human differences
    because it is interesting and helps us to reminisce
  • Q3
    The year of existence of Anthropology.
  • Q4
    How does Anthropology differ from Social Sciences such as economics and sociology?
    Anthropology tends to specialize in the workings in specific systems
    Anthropology is holistic and integration in its approach
    Anthropology is more important than the other social sciences
    The other social sciences are holistic and integrative in their approach
  • Q5
    The following are NOT the definition of artifact, except?
    A work of art
    Any manufactured item
    Only something made by a human
    Something that has been continuously manufactured
  • Q6
    When we can say that a cultural system is "integrated"?
    A culture operates as a system of interrelated parts
    All races possess culture
    Once established a cultural system never changes
    Culture is intimately connected to and derived from biology
  • Q7
    In terms of Anthropological value, the single most important aspect of an archeological dig is
    Making sure to recover all the artifacts
    Complete and accurate record-keeping
    Cleaning and preserving the artifacts
    Establishing an accurate good system
  • Q8
    Which best describes the overall goal of archeology?
    To reconstruct past cultural systems
    To know ancient events like the battle of Mactan
    To collect and display ancient artifacts and art objects
    To identify and see prehistoric rocks and fossils
  • Q9
    Which is NOT a reason that Archeology, of all the subfields of Anthropology, is the most distinctive?
    It is essentially the most popular activity of art collectivity
    It involves special problems of collection and analysis
    It involves specialized set of skills and techniques
    it is the oldest formal specialty
  • Q10
    What characteristics of a student who loves to study Anthropology?
    Joshua loves to study the history of the Philippines
    Agnes is an avid fan of k-pop group that she study their culture
    Edna loves to study about the origins of human, past and present events
    Aje can speak hundred languages
  • Q11
    It is said that culture has a biological basis. This is because?
    The potential for it is in the structure and function of our brains
    All cultural behaviors derive from past biological behavior
    Cultural behaviors are basically instinctive
    It is a genetic trait
  • Q12
    Ana wants to understand about people throughout the world, their evolutionary history, how they behave, adapt to different environment and communicate and socialize with another. Which of the following of the following social sciences applies best in the given situation?
  • Q13
    The following does not refers to relative dating, except?
    A date established based on a known date
    A date that can only be established using certain techniques
    A specific date in number of years ago
    An uncertain date
  • Q14
    Which of the following practices shows loving one's culture?
    Renalyn have nationalities, Filipino-American but she stays in the U.S.A
    Jomar is a part of the Mangyan tribe, and he study well to get out of his tribe
    Devorah is a mixed race woman, but she loves to stay in the Philippines
    Jude studied different languages because he want to understand a lot of people
  • Q15
    Which of the following statements refers to Biological Anthropology? I. They are principally interested in learning about the capability behavior patterns of primates II. Involves areas of research about human biology, primatology or paleoanthropology III. Involves areas of research about ecology and ecosystems IV. They are principally interested in learning about the modern world.
    I and II
    I, II and III
    II and IV
    II only

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