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BUS 508 Fall 2018

Quiz by Evan Koekemoer

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    A statement describing what is to be achieved and where and how the selling effort of salespeople is to be deployed.
    Sales plan
  • Q2
    Concerned with maintaining or enhancing market share and encouraging sales growth.
    Sales objectives
  • Q3
    A geographic area that is the responsibility of one salesperson or several working together.
    Sales territory
  • Q4
    Leads, prospects, customers
    Sales funnel
  • Q5
    The specific sales or profit objective a salesperson is expected to achieve.
    Sales quota
  • Q6
    The sales step in which a salesperson or company identifies qualified potential customers.
  • Q7
    To discuss something in an attempt to reach agreement.
  • Q8
    The relative power of a party with respect to another party or parties that influences abilities to set agendas, influence outcomes, and negotiate terms during bargaining.
    Bargaining power
  • Q9
    Occurs prior to meeting the customer for the first time and extends the qualification of leads procedure; in this step, the salesperson conducts additional research and develops plans for meeting with the customer.
  • Q10
    The sales rep merely introduces himself and identifies the company he represents.
    Introductory approach
  • Q11
    An approach that involves doing something unusual to catch the prospect's attention and interest.
    Showmanship approach
  • Q12
    Resistance to a product/service based on the price of the product being too high for the buyer.
    Price objection
  • Q13
    An objection that delays the presentation or the sale.
    Stalling objection
  • Q14
    A loyalty-related objection by which the prospect states a preference for another company or salesperson, and may specify a dislike for the salesperson's company.
    Source objection
  • Q15
    Obtaining a commitment from the customer to make a purchase.
    Closing the sale

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