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Business Exam Chp 5 and Chp 10

Quiz by Robyn Artis

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Determines if an idea for a new business is practical
    Feasibility Analysis
  • Q2
    Name the 4 P's
    Price, Product, Promotion, Place
  • Q3
    Those most likely to buy products and services
    Target Customers
  • Q4
    Something that promotes or enhances the value of the product or service to the customer.
  • Q5
    Is a document that describes a new business
    Business Plan
  • Q6
    An idea for a new business that can be tested.
    Business Concept
  • Q7
    A brief recounting of the key points contained in a business plan
    Executive Summary
  • Q8
    What a business wants to accomplish with its marketing efforts.
    Marketing Objectives
  • Q9
    The particular combination of product, price, place and promotion strategies that you use to reach your market
    Marketing mix
  • Q10
    The physical container or wrapper that holds it
  • Q11
    Symbol, or design used to identify product.
    Brand Name
  • Q12
    A plan for a business to reach its marketing objectives through the four main strategies of product, place, price, and promotion
    Marketing plan
  • Q13
    The path a product takes from producer(or manufacturer) to final user(or consumer)
    Channel of distribution
  • Q14
    All the products a company makes or sells
    Product mix
  • Q15
    How consumers see a product in terms of quality, availability, pricing and uses.
    Product positioning

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