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Business Management Warm-Ups 10/24&25/23

Quiz by NeKeisha King Price

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  • Q1
    What is the primary goal of business management?
    Improving employee satisfaction
    Achieving organizational objectives
    Maximizing profits
    Increasing market share
  • Q2
    What is the purpose of setting business management goals?
    Outperforming competitors
    Increasing employee workload
    Maximizing shareholder wealth
    Providing direction and focus
  • Q3
    What is the role of communication in business management?
    Implementing performance evaluations
    Facilitating effective collaboration and coordination
    Minimizing costs
    Increasing market share
  • Q4
    Which of the following is a characteristic of effective business management?
    Maximizing shareholder wealth
    Ignoring customer feedback
    Achieving high employee turnover
    Ensuring efficient use of resources
  • Q5
    What is the purpose of performance management in business management?
    Increasing customer satisfaction
    Evaluating and improving employee performance
    Developing marketing strategies
    Maximizing profits
  • Q6
    What is the purpose of a code of ethics in business management?
    To provide guidelines and principles for ethical behavior
    To maximize profits at any cost
    To exploit employees for personal gain
    To manipulate stock prices for personal benefit
    To engage in fraudulent activities
  • Q7
    What does the term 'confidentiality' mean in the context of business management ethics?
    Protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or disclosure
    Sharing sensitive information with competitors
    Using insider information for personal gain
    Using aggressive marketing tactics to gain customers
    Disclosing customer data to third parties without consent
  • Q8
    What is the purpose of an ethics hotline in business management?
    To provide a confidential reporting channel for ethical concerns
    To promote aggressive competition among employees
    To encourage unethical behavior for personal gain
    To monitor employees' personal activities
    To manipulate financial statements for favorable outcomes
  • Q9
    Which of the following is an example of a violation of business management ethics?
    Falsifying financial statements to inflate company profits
    Implementing employee training programs
    Following legal regulations
    Developing a strategic marketing plan
    Responding promptly to customer complaints
  • Q10
    Which of the following is an example of a conflict of interest in business management?
    Accepting gifts or bribes from a supplier
    Offering fair and competitive pricing
    Donating to a charitable organization
    Implementing cost-saving measures to improve efficiency
    Providing excellent customer service

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