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Business of Retail (Chapter 2): Retail Operations

Quiz by Linzi Rhodes

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  • Q1
    What should the sale associate do first if he witnesses a customer's child slip and fall causing the child to get a scratch on his elbow but appears to be otherwise unhurt?
    Contact the company lawyer
    Ask the parent if the child is okay
    Notify the store manager
    Call the paramedics
  • Q2
    Courtney has been a full time employee of a pet store for 2 1/2 years and she just had a baby. ___ allows her to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family or medical reasons.
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Q3
    It's Easter time and the different size Easter baskets are heavily shopped. As you're walking past, you notice some empty bins where certain sizes of baskets have all been heavily shopped. What's the best next step?
    Move some other sizes to the empty location so it doesn't look as bare.
    Leave the bins until the end of the night.
    Tell our co-worker to restock the Easter Baskets
    Immediately check to see what size baskets are sold out, check the back room for additional items and restock the bins.
  • Q4
    Chuck works in an electronics store and is supposed to move large items from the storeroom to the store shelves. Chuck is able to move several large items at a time, but he is not using the back brace that he was trained to use when moving heavy objects. Is Chuck managing his responsibilities wisely?
    Yes -- By picking up large batches at a time, Chuck is working efficiently and getting the job done in a shorter period of time.
    Yes -- Chuck is the best judge of his ability to handle large loads.
    NO -- Chuck could seriously injure himself by picking up heavy loads improperly.
    NO -- It would probably be wiser for Chuck to transfer to smaller armloads even though it would take him a bit longer and involve more trips to the storeroom.
  • Q5
    ______ is the process of rotating perishable items that may expire so the newer items are in the back and the older items are in the front.
    Up Selling
    First In, First Out
    Cross Selling
  • Q6
    A supermarket has a bout 50 1-gallong milk jugs that are close to their expiration date. What would you recommend as a sales associate?
    Create a sales promotion of "Buy 2 jugs of milk, get one free."
    Place the jugs with the nearest expiration date in the front.
    Give a free jug of milk to customer spending more than $50 in the store.
    Stop buying milk until all the eggs in stock are purchased.
  • Q7
    _____ is the most common type of preventable loss.
    Employee Theft
    Vendor Fraud
    Operational Errors
  • Q8
    A sales associate witnesses a customer slip on the floor and get back up immediately without any visible injuries. What should the sales associate do next?
    Write an incident report only if 911 is called to the store.
    Write an incident report only if the customer complains about the incident.
    Write an incident report no matter how small the incident was.
    Write an incident report if the manager asks for one.
  • Q9
    Which of the following does (OSHA) Occupational Safety and health Administration not require employers to do?
    Inform employees of potential hazards.
    Record all accidents or hazards.
    Train employees how to respond when an accident occurs.
    Encourage employees not to report accidents.
  • Q10
    The inventory life cycle is disrupted when
    supply equals demand.
    the customer has a clean, inviting environment to shop in.
    merchandise is stolen or broken.
    merchandise arrives on time.
  • Q11
    The clear, acrylic shelf where the luggage is store is chipped on the edge. Shelby, a customer, accidentally bumped her head into it when bending over to look at a piece of luggage. What kind of safety problem does this describe?
    Whistleblower Act.
    Slips, trips, and falls.
    Workplace violence.
    Struck-by injury.
  • Q12
    Which is not a proper safety technique when using a ladder?
    Maintain a three-point contact (two hands and a foot or two feet and one hand) whenever climbing up or down.
    Stand on the top step of the ladder.
    Have a co-worker hold the ladder while you're climbing to ensure it is stable.
    Verify that the ladder is locked in position before use.
  • Q13
    Celine is a cashier at a shoe store. Stephanie, a customer at your register would like to buy a pair of shoes she has tried on but now, the electricity goes out in the store. With the power outage, your POS device is not working. What should you do?
    You inform Stephanie that yo must close the store due to the power outage, and then you escort all customers, your fellow employees, and yourself out of the store wile locking the doors behind you.
    You tell Stephanie that you must first lock the store and then you will take her name and phone number so you can call her immediately following power being restored. You then offer to ship the shoes to her home at no additional charge.
    You apologize for the inconvenience, show Stephanie and other customers to the door informing them they must leave the premises, and the lock the doors behind them until the power is restored. You remain inside the store to await power return.
    You apologize to Stephanie and inviter her to stay in the store to wait for the power to return so you can then ring up her sales and also inform her that you must go lock the doors to prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Q14
    You work in the pharmacy, and you find that one of the of over-the-counter medicine shelves like the one depicted in the image are fairly empty. Why do you try to keep the shelves replenished? Select the best answer.
    So I don't get in trouble with the manager.
    So I can be selected as the employee of the month.
    So all the medicine in-stock can be sold quickly, before they go bad.
    So there are enough options available for the customers to purchase at all times.
  • Q15
    What should a sales associate do if they find a product with the packaging broken on a shelf?
    Move the item to the clearance section.
    Remove the item from the shelf immediately and take it to a manager.
    Move the item to the stockroom.
    Leave it on the shelf hoping that a customer will buy it eventually.

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