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Business of Retail Final Exam - B

Quiz by Bernice W. Broussard

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  • Q1

    A customer is purchasing a set of sheets for a new apartment and is considering adding a monogram to the sheets. The store's policy states that the addition of monogramming would make the sheets non-returnable, and the customer is slightly concerned the color may not match the apartment's bedroom. In order to enforce store policy, what should the salesassociate say?

    "I think you can return the sheets for a refund if the color isn't right."

    "You can always exchange the sheets for a different color if these don't match."

    Our return policy is quite strict, so I would recommend that you don't buy these sheets."

    "Please be aware that it is our store policy that personalized items cannot be returned."

  • Q2

    A sales associate sold new kitchen appliances to different customers this week. What should the associate do to ensure that customers are happy with the delivery and installation of their appliances?

    Enter the customers' information into a contact management system and add a reminder to send each of them information about the next sale.

    Write down the customers' information and remember to thank them for their purchases the next time they come into the store.

    Contact each customer by phone or email before leaving work to ensure everything went well and there are no problems

    Write down the customers' information so each can be sent a satisfaction survey at the end of the month

  • Q3

    A sales associate who is loading a bedside table into a customer's car scratches the side of the table, leaving a mark. What should the associate do?

    Thank the customer for the purchase and go back into the store

    Acknowledge the scratch mark and tell the customer that it is not noticeable.

    Acknowledge the mark, take the item back to the store, and exchange it for a new one.

    Suggest that the customer return to the store to receive a discount on the item.

  • Q4

    A sales associate sees a customer looking at a skirt and tells her that it is very popular this season. The customer agrees and begins looking at the size tags. What should the sales associate say?

    “We’re almost sold out. I have sizes 10 and 12 left. Which would you like?”

    “Would you like to purchase any accessories with that skirt?”

    “Would you like me to bring one to the fitting room for you to try on? What size would you like to try?

    “How much are you planning to spend?”

  • Q5

    If a customer asks how to clean a dress, which is the BEST source for this information?

    Product warranty

    Department manager

    Manufacturer's customer service department

    Product care label on the dress

  • Q6

    A sales associate is about to start helping a customer decide on a new sofa, but the customer has not stated a budget range. Which would be the MOST appropriate strategy for the associate to use to determine the budget?

    Ask the customer directly what budget range would be best.

    Show a medium-priced sofas and adjust according to the customer's reactions.

    Show the lowest-priced sofas and move up until the customer is satisfied.

    Show the highest-priced sofas and move down until the customer is satisfied

  • Q7

    An associate and a customer are having a conversation in a home goods store. The customer,

    who has been looking at dining room sets, is responding with verbal and physical cues. Which cue would MOST likely be an indication that the customer is about to purchase a dining room set?

    Asking, "How long is this dining room set on sale?"

    Praising and touching a particular dining room set

    Focusing on the price tags of the dining room set

    Stating, "My current dining room sets is also oak."

  • Q8

    A customer wants to purchase a $75 winter coat. She has a 25% off coupon for one item and a 10% coupon for her entire purchase. Both can be used. What is the total of her purchase?





  • Q9

    A store chain advertises a special on inflatable pools with limited quantities. Two customers come in together specifically for the sale item and learn that only one unit is left in the store. The ad stated that limited quantities were available. What should the associate do FIRST? 

    Tell the customers there are no more pools available.

    Offer to contact another store to see if they have any pools left.

    Let the customers work out between themselves who will get the last pool

    Suggest to one of the customers that she come back in three weeks when the pool will be in stock at the regular price

  • Q10

    A manager sets a goal of increasing sales by 15% over last year. If last year's sales were $60,000,  what is the sales goal for this year?






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