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Business of Retail: Pre-Screening

Quiz by Linzi Rhodes

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  • Q1
    You are working as an overnight stocker in a high-volume grocery store and come across four tubs of ice-cream with a sell-by date of two more days. Which of the following should the associate do?
    You remove the ice-cream from the case and then fill out the paperwork to mark out of stock as they are almost expired and new items have arrived.
    You move the tubs to the front of the case and leave your manager a note, asking her to remove the items the next day if they don’t sell since they will expire the day after that.
    You walk around the store and ask a few other employees who are also stocking their areas how they would handle this situation.
    You move the ice-cream to the front of the case, knowing it will sell as soon as the store opens because it is a best seller and it’s on sale.
  • Q2
    A sales associate watches as a shopper exit leaving behind a cart full of merchandise including perishable items. Which of the following should the associate do?
    Put the cart aside and take care of it at the end of the day
    Ask the customer to place the items back where they belong before leaving the store.
    Put the items back in the shelves, starting with the perishable items.
    Inform the manager about the abandoned cart full of merchandise.
  • Q3
    A customer orders take-out and hands the server an expired coupon. The restaurant prides itself on customer service satisfaction. What should the server do about the coupon?
    Tell the customer that the coupon is expired, so full price will be charged.
    Ask the customer to return tomorrow with the coupon from tomorrow’s newspaper.
    Take the order and the coupon, then charge full price at pick-up.
    Honor the expired coupon and thank the customer.
  • Q4
    You are a sales associate at a stationery store and the manager has noticed that yellow pens are not selling. He asks you to sell 50 yellow pens for $1.00 each. Which of the following is the best action to achieve this goal?
    Offer them to each customer while ringing them up
    Ask the customer if they need a yellow pen
    Let the customer use the yellow pen to sign their credit card slip
    Decorate the store with a yellow theme
  • Q5
    A customer is walking out of the store and the store alarm goes off notifying store employees that an electronic article surveillance tag may not have been deactivated. What is the sale associates best next step?
    Tell the customer so stop stealing and hold still until the police arrive.
    Tell the customer it happens all the time and to have a good day.
    Stop the customer and ask them to review their receipt to ensure the item has been purchased. Then, deactivate the tag.
    Call your manager to handle it
  • Q6
    Which of the following is not a cost associated with retailing?
    Cost of Goods
    Employee Payroll
  • Q7
    ____________ is a drawing or schematic diagram created to visually represent the store and the way the merchandise should be displayed on the sales floor.
    Store Layout
    Marketing Plan
    Aerial View
  • Q8
    The manager tells all employees that there’s been an uptick in shoplifting and asks all sales associates to keep an eye out. You can see around a corner of an aisle and see a woman pick up an expensive lipstick and put it in her purse without paying for it and she walks out the store doors. What should you NOT do?
    Use the special words that your store has to alert others
    Call your supervisor via cell phone to let her know
    Call security
    Run after the lady and tell her to give the lipstick back to you
  • Q9
    There are many pricing strategies. Which one describes Keystone pricing?
    Choose a price that ends in an odd number
    Double the cost of an item in order to determine the retail price
    Use the manufacturer’s suggested retail price
    Use your store’s predetermined markup amount
  • Q10
    On the first snow day of the winter season, a sales associate notices that customers are entering the store cold and unprepared for the weather. Currently, tables of tank tops and beach accessories are stationed where the customers enter the store. Which action would be best for the associate to take to ensure that the customers' needs are being met?
    Create an inviting display of sweaters, scarves, and gloves at the store entrance.
    Pull sales reports on the sale of autumn items and show the figures to the store manager.
    Direct the customers who appear cold toward the merchandise that interests them.
    Inform the department manager that the sales floor is not merchandised properly.
  • Q11
    Dan, a small business owner, was excited to open his sporting goods shop. Dan created a ___________ to show what products he would sell, the price of those products, the place or location of his physical store and how he would promote his business.
    Business Model
    Inventory Plan
    Delivery Route
    Marketing Plan
  • Q12
    The Halloween holiday season just ended and the retail store was already beginning to receive items for the next holiday, Thanksgiving. How should the store make room for the new items?
    Mark the holiday items out of stock
    Discontinue the holiday items
    Mark down the holiday items
    Store away the old holiday items for next season
  • Q13
    A sales associate is being held at gun point as the robber demands the cash in the register. Which of the following should the associate do?
    Try to run from the robber and leave the store.
    Fight the robber back.
    Remain as calm as possible and comply with the robber's requests.
    Plead with the robber to stop.
  • Q14
    Sarah sells 18 cakes for $18.00 each and the cost of each cake is $5.00. What is Sarah’s gross profit?
  • Q15
    Who is typically first in a distribution channel?

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