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Business Soft Skills Review

Quiz by Michelle Bullock

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is not a tool that people use when participating in discussions?
    Building on someone else's comment
    Sharing a personal experience
    Pointing out missing information
    Helping the group summarize what has been said
  • Q2
    When Dawn answered the front desk telephone at her property, a female caller who sounded very upset said, "My daughter, Susan Smith, is staying at your hotel, and I need to reach her immediately because of a family emergency. Would you please give me her room number?" Dawn quickly answered, "Ms. Smith is in room 224. I will connect you." What did Dawn do wrong?
    She did not take written notes about the call.
    She forgot to listen attentively to the caller.
    She gave out a guest's room number.
    She did not answer the caller with enough courtesy.
  • Q3
    When Steven asks questions in an open-minded way, he avoids:
    stating his own opinion.
    attacking someone else's idea.
    mentioning the truth.
    suggesting a better way to do something.
  • Q4
    Which is a reason why it is important to organize information before preparing a business report?
    to understand the purpose of the report
    to arrange findings in a logical manner
    to investigate the cause of the problem
    to identify the target audience
  • Q5
    Many presentation software programs allow users to
    design organizational charts.
    publish web pages.
    include voice narration.
    copyright their graphics.

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