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Business study C3&4

Quiz by Bolade Ajimisogbe

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Which of these is not a chain of distribution?
    C. Producer
    A. Consumer
    B. Importer
  • Q2
    The means of conveying goods and people from one place to another is
    D. transportation.
    A. communication.
    C. production.
    B. information.
  • Q3
    The type of advertising used when new products are introduced into the market is referred to as … advertising.
    B. direct
    C. indirect
    D. information.
    A. competitive
  • Q4
    The industry that converts raw materials into finished goods is known as a….
    B. constructive industry.
    A. Commercial industry.
    C. Extractive industry.
    D. manufacturing industry.
  • Q5
    The person who buys goods and services by himself/herself is called.
    D. wholesaler.
    B. distributor.
    C. retailer.
    A. consumer.
  • Q6
    Which of the following is not a commercial bank.
    A. Access bank
    C. Citibank
    D. Ecobank.
    B. Central bank
  • Q7
    The room in an organization where clerical activities take place is known as….
    D. Office
    C. Dance hall
    A. Church
    B. Counter
  • Q8
    …….is the process of separating office letters.
    B. Mailing
    A. Hearing
    D. Zebra
    C. Sorting
  • Q9
    _______is a document issued when one person sells goods to another.
    A. Agent
    C. Invoice
    D. Optional
    B. House list
  • Q10
    The machine used in printing stamps on envelopes is known as….
    C. Perforator machine.
    B. Franking machine.
    A. Computer machine.
    D. Printing machine.
  • Q11
    Mention the two main classifications of an office….
    A. large and small offices.
    C. small and center offices.
    D. small and fine offices.
    B. large and up offices.
  • Q12
    Which of these staff does the filing and mailing in an office?
    B. Clerk
    B. Gardener
    D. Typist.
    A. Apprentice
  • Q13
    The following information is found in an office visitor’s book except….
    C. purpose of visit.
    A. date of birth.
    B. date of visit.
    D. time of visit
  • Q14
    Which of these documents is issued after payment is made?
    D. Receipt.
    A. Certificate
    C. Photocopy
    B. Money
  • Q15
    The Department that is headed by a financial controller is known as ….
    B. Biometric department.
    A. Accounting department.
    D. Store department.
    C. Marketing department.

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