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Button, Button

Quiz by betseywhite9633

Grade 8
English Language Arts
Common Core

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What was inside the package?
    a folded piece of paper
    a push-button unit fastened to a small wooden box
    lamb chops
    a glass dome
  • Q2
    What was written on the folded piece of paper taped to the bottom of the box?
    Mr. Steward's name and telephone number
    Mr. Steward will call on you at 8:00P.M.
    It's a practical joke
    Monetarily valuable
  • Q3
    What does Mr. Steward offer in return for pushing the button?
    a cottage on the island
    a trip to Europe
    a nicer apartment
  • Q4
    How does Norma initially react to Mr. Steward's offer?
    She represses/hinds a smile
    She declines the offer
    She accepts the offer
    She gets angry
  • Q5
    Why does Norma decide to call Mr. Steward?
    To decline the offer
    To make a counteroffer
    To get back at her husband
  • Q6
    What is the final choice of Norma regarding the button?
    She gives it to Mr. Steward
    She throws it away
    She presses it
    She hides it
  • Q7
    What happens immediately after Norma presses the button?
    Nothing happens
    A subway accident occurs and her husband dies
    She receives a large sum of money
    A stranger dies, but no one she knows
  • Q8
    What does Norma discover when she breaks open the button unit?
    The box is empty
    The button is connected to a bomb
    There are transistors and wires inside
    A note from Mr. Steward is hidden
  • Q9
    What is the theme of the story?
    Morality and the consequences of one's actions
    Curiosity and the value of money
    The dangers of eccentric millionaires
    The power of psychological research
  • Q10
    What does Norma ultimately realize at the conclusion of the story?
    She didn't actually know her husband at all
    Her husband was right all along
    The button had no power
    It was all a dream

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