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C D Quiz 5

Quiz by crio

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  • Q1

    JavaScript is a ________ typed language.





  • Q2

    What does the term 'hoisting' refer to in JavaScript?

    a JavaScript event that triggers an alert message

    the speed at which JavaScript code is executed

    the process in which variable and function declarations are moved to the top of their containing scope during compilation

    a type of JavaScript error

  • Q3

    What is an 'arrow function' in JavaScript?

    a concise way to write functions using the '=>' syntax

    a type of JavaScript arrow key

    a function that only works in specific browsers

    a function that points to a specific element on a webpage

  • Q4

    What is the 'DOM' in JavaScript?

    Data Object Model, a data structure in JavaScript

    Document Object Model, a programming interface for web documents

    Design Object Model, a layout framework for websites

    Digital Operation Module, a hardware component

  • Q5

    What is the purpose of 'localStorage' in JavaScript?

    to connect to a remote database

    to store data locally in the user's browser

    to display a pop-up message

    to send emails


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