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C1.1 Midterm

Quiz by Layla Ellis

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  • Q1

    Around the world, 22,000 children die due to ____________. Giving them access to warm shelter and healthy food would lower homelessness and _______________.

    crime, unemployment

    poverty, malnutrition

    bullies, crime

    unemployment, illiteracy

  • Q2

    Police officers are supposed to be protecting us from _________. However, oftentimes, it’s the police who end up being the biggest ___________.

    homelessness, poverty

    unemployment, desperate

    malnutrition, homeless people

    crime, bullies

  • Q3

    Some people _____________ others who are struggling, but the _________ is, there are still some kind people in the world who lend a helping hand. This gives me hope for the world.

    dole out, downside

    look down on, downside

    look down on, upside

    dump, desperate

  • Q4

    His parents are unemployed and they are __________ for money. They live in a ____________ home that is hard to keep up.

    derelict, mugging

    reasoned with, poverty

    affluent, appalling

    desperate, run-down

  • Q5

    Match the unit 3 vocabulary to their definitions

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  • Q6

    We shouldn’t give up and stop fighting for our rights. (change into a rhetorical question that best represents the statement)

    Should we just give up and stop fighting for our rights?

    Why are we fighting?

    Shouldn't we make a sandwich?

    Is fighting for our rights really worth it?

  • Q7

    We cannot sit by and watch the country suffer any longer. (change into a rhetorical question that best represents the statement)

    Can we stop watching the country suffer?

    How is the country suffering?

    How long are we going to sit by and watch the country suffer?

    When has the country suffered?

  • Q8

    The homeless shouldn’t be held responsible for having to live on the streets. (change into a rhetorical question that best represents the statement)

    How long will the homeless live on the street?

    Who knows how long the homeless will be living on the street?

    Does anyone know the homeless guy's name, the one who lives on 51st street?

    Whose fault is it that the homeless are living on the street?

  • Q9

    Finish these rhetorical questions:

    1. Is war really ______?

    2. Can police officers really be that ______?

    3. Can we really afford to ignore this ______?

    the answer, person; run-down

    necessary; inconsiderate; issue

    impossible; hungry; person

    amazing; tall; desperation 

  • Q10

    Love is a battlefield. 




  • Q11

    Chaos is a friend of mine.




  • Q12

    What did the grape say when it got crushed? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

    metaphor & simile

    pun & personification


  • Q13

    Brian bakes bananas and bread




  • Q14

    I hope you like it,” he said, “as he revealed his __________.” The audience cheered wildly. His artwork was absolutely ______________!

    masterpiece, stunning

    rave, risqué

    adaptation, bomb

    flop, far fetched

  • Q15

    There have been many different _____________ of Cinderella, but I like the musical version directed by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Their ____________ of the evil stepmother was, to me, the most believable.

    adaptations, masterpiece

    masterpieces, rave

    adaptations, portrayal

    portrayals, flop


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