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C1.2 Unit 1 Quiz (Condensed)

Quiz by Layla Ellis

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    He should have listened when I told him to _______________. Now he’s in the hospital, clearly in __________.

    seize, isolation

    freak out, boredom

    play it safe, agony

    back down, obstacle

  • Q2

    She took a ____________ tumble while skateboarding last Thursday and broke her leg. She wanted to go to Nationals this weekend, so that was a huge ___________.

    isolated, back down

    adventurous, demand

    routine, consequence

    gruesome, setback

  • Q3

    People ask me why I enjoy having such a ____________ schedule. The truth is, I used to stay home and do nothing, but the ___________ finally got to me.

    demanding, boredom

    routine, consequences

    conventional, familiarity

    isolated, setbacks

  • Q4

    I usually only take _____________ roads when I drive to my grandparent’s house. However, lately, I’ve been ________________ that high one gets from taking risks.

    familiar, chasing after

    routine, adventurous

    isolated, spicing up

    bored, backing down

  • Q5

    If I were you, I ________________ so much TV.

    wouldn't watch

    should not watch

    ought not watch


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