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C2 Quick Chapter Check (Watsons)

Quiz by Susan Ratajski

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Mr. Alum shares how important it is to be "well read." __________ comes into his class to read.
  • Q2
    Why do you think the author placed Byron and Buphead in the from row of the class?
    They are always in trouble.
    It is alphabetical.
    They want to be up front and personal.
    They chose to sit there.
  • Q3
    Kenny wears glasses because he has _________________.
    worn them to make him look smart
    trouble seeing the board in school
    a lazy eye
  • Q4
    Kenny says the worst part about being teased was ____________.
    all day, every day
    before school at the bus stop
    when he could not fight back
    on the bus when Byron and Buphead skip school
  • Q5
    Who is the "saver" in raggedy clothes?
    Byron Watson
    Rufus Fry

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