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Calculating from motion graphs: including displacement (a=Δv/t and v=s/t)

Quiz by Oak National Academy: GCSE Combined Science Edexcel Foundation

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Match the key words and phrases to their explanations.
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  • Q2
    The graph shows the movement of a van over time. Find the total distance travelled for the journey.
    Question Image
    20 km
    30 km
    100 km
    70 km
    50 km
  • Q3
    The graph shows the movement of a van making two deliveries. Find the average speed of the van during the outwards journey, from 0 to 3 hours.
    Question Image
    0.6 km/h
    17 m/s
    10 km/h
    10 m/s
    17 km/h
  • Q4
    The graph shows the displacement of a dynamics trolley along a bench. Calculate the velocity of the trolley at time = 2 s.
    Question Image
    0.27 m/s
    0.20 m/s
    0.16 m/s
    5.0 m/s
    0.40 m/s
  • Q5
    Find the distance travelled by this object during the first 4 seconds of motion.
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  • Q6
    Use the graph to find the acceleration of the moving object between time = 2 s and time = 4 s.
    Question Image
    2.0 m/s^2
    1.5 m/s^2
    0.25 m/s^2
    0.75 m/s^2
    0.50 m/s^2

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