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California Gold Rush 13-4

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    In California in the 1840s, Mariano Vallejo was
    a Spanish mission where gold was discovered
    the Mexican governor who was overthrown by American Settlers
    a Mexican law that American settlers believed deprived them of their rights
    a Californio who owned thousands of acres of land
  • Q2
    Which two men are most closely linked to the discovery of gold in California?
    John Marshall and Mariano Vallejo
    John Sutter and John C. Fremont
    John Fremont and James Marshall
    James Marshall and John Sutter
  • Q3
    Who were the Californios?
    African Americans who mined the California gold fields
    miners from China who who came to California in search of gold
    Californians of Mexican or Spanish descent
    Californians who revolted against Mexican rule
  • Q4
    By which route did miners reach California?
    Sail around the tip of South America and up the Pacific coast to California
    any one of these routes could be taken to California
    Sail to the Isthmus of Panama cross overland then sail to California
    overland trails across America
  • Q5
    People who went to California during the Gold Rush were known as
    Panama Jacks
  • Q6
    How did the gold rush affect the admission of California as a state in the Union?
    it brought many people to California so it was admitted as a state faster
    It forced people out of the state so it was not admitted to the Union

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