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Call of the Wild Ch. 1 & 2

Quiz by Nicole Jackson

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  • Q1
    When the dogs kill Curly, Buck learns that
    the dogs do not fight fairly
    humans should not be trusted
    he must escape if he is to live
  • Q2
    Buck plans to survive in his new life by
    learning to survive at all costs
    accepting any beatings that he may receive
    taking advantage of the weaker dogs
  • Q3
    Perrault's job is to
    take supplies to the goldminers
    deliver messages
    scout and map the Yukon
  • Q4
    When Buck steals the bacon, he proves that he is
    learning the law of club and fang
    crazy and careless with his life
    a thief
  • Q5
    Being out in the wild begins to awaken in him
    a strong desire to return to Santa Clara Valley
    a hatred for all humans
    instincts of primordial times

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