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Cambridge 4,Area and Perimeter


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  • Q1
    What's the perimeter of a rectangle that measures 7 by 6 feet?
    48 feet
    26 sq feet
    42 feet
    26 feet
  • Q2
    What's the area of a rectangle whose length is 12 inches and width is 7 inches?
    5 square inches
    19 square inches
    84 square inches
    76 square inches
  • Q3
    Mary wants a rhombus shaped garden that is 64 ft.sq. What is the length and width of her garden?
    Length 8 ft. - Width 8 ft.
    Length 16 ft. - Width 4 ft.
    Length 32 ft. - Width 2 ft.
    Length 7 ft. - Width 9 ft.
  • Q4
    A bookshelf has the width of 15 m and the length of 20 m. What is the perimeter?
    70 m
    5 m
    300 m
    35 m
  • Q5
    Maria wants to find how much space there is inside her backyard. The length is 7 m and the width is 11 m. How much space is inside her yard.
    711 sq m
    117 sq m
    77 sq m
    18 sq m

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