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Can the Zombies Help Us?

Quiz by Renee Owens

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  • Q1
    We were blamed. Active or Passive?
  • Q2
    The wind blew down the trees. Active or Passive?
  • Q3
    The teacher was impressed with the boy’s work. What is the best way to change this to active voice without changing the meaning ?
    The teacher's work impressed the boy.
    The boy's work impressed the teacher.
    The boy's work impressed.
    The boy was impressed with the teacher's work.
  • Q4
    Which sentence focuses on the object of the verb - the receiver versus the doer?
    Someone took the injured to the hospital.
    The fireman took the injured to the the hospital.
    The injured were taken to the hospital by the firemen.
  • Q5
    Which sentence indicates that I did not know who/what did some action or caused something and also focuses on the receiver/object and not the subject - doer?
    The building was damaged by the fire.
    The building was damaged.
    Something caused damage to the building.
    The fire damaged the building.

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