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  • Q1
    Why do the citizens of Quebec want to become independent of Canada?
    They want to adopt a presidential democracy form of government.
    They want to become part of France.
    They want to preserve their cultural heritage.
    They want to keep all profits from the exportation of natural resources.
  • Q2
    Where is the Pacific Ocean located on the map?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    What physical feature is represented by the x?
    Question Image
    Atlantic Ocean
    Canadian Shield
    St. Lawrence River
    Hudson Bay
  • Q4
    Which feature is located at point D on the map?
    Question Image
    Atlantic Ocean
    Indian Ocean
    Pacific Ocean
    St. Lawrence River
  • Q5
    According to land size, Canada is the second largest country in the world. However, ninety percent of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the United States and Canadian border. Which statement provides the BEST reason why Canadians live near the border?
    The climate is milder near the United States/Canadian border.
    Fewer numbers of available natural resources are located in southern Canada.
    Only Canadians living near the border can legally cross the United States/Canadian border.
    More pollution is produced near the border as a result of the factories.
  • Q6
    What impact does the mining process have on the environment of Canada?
    Left over rock is removed from the Canadian Shield and dumped in the St. Lawrence River.
    The mining process helps to stimulate nature in the development of renewable resources.
    The mining process releases harmful chemicals into the air producing acid rain.
    Blasting and digging provides nutrients for the land around the mines.
  • Q7
    Acid rain is caused largely by sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen emitted by industrial activities such as coal burning. The gases dissolve in rainwater to form acids. Much of this industry is based in the United States, but the weather exports pollution north of the border. Between 50% and 70% of Canada's acid rain comes from the United States, while only 2-10% of America's pollution in this area comes from Canada. - Taken from Nature, Acid Rain Still Hurting Canada By: Michael Hopkin What conclusion can be drawn from the text?
    Canada’s industry is the primary cause of the acid rain impacting Canada.
    Environmental issues in the United States impact Canada.
    The United States and Canada do not share environmental issues.
    Canada’s pollution greatly affects the environment of the United States.
  • Q8
    Thirty-four percent of Canada’s land is forest. How do the forests of Canada impact trade?
    Canada trades its timber with only the United States and Mexico as a result of NAFTA.
    Canada must import newsprint from other countries because of a lack of lumber.
    Two of Canada’s major exports include timber and wood pulp.
    International trade of forestry products has increased because of deforestation.
  • Q9
    Which statement is TRUE regarding trade between the United States and Canada?
    The United States and Canada trade as a result of both countries having a presidential democracy.
    Because the Great Lakes is a shared physical feature, Canada is the United States largest trading partner.
    As a result of their proximity to each other, the United States is Canada’s largest trading partner.
    The United States and Canada trade often as a result of the colder climate in Canada.
  • Q10
    Where is the province of Quebec located on the map?
    Question Image
  • Q11
    Which statement BEST explains the citizen’s role in choosing the leader of Canada?
    The citizens vote directly for the head of government.
    The citizens vote for members of parliament who then select the prime minister.
    The citizens vote for members of parliament who then select the monarch.
    The citizens vote directly for the head of state.
  • Q12
    Which is the MOST accurate description of the location of the St. Lawrence River?
    The St. Lawrence River originates in the Hudson Bay and flows into the Great Lakes.
    The St. Lawrence River starts in the Rocky Mountains and empties into the Pacific Ocean.
    The St. Lawrence River connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
    The St. Lawrence River is located in the Arctic region of Canada.
  • Q13
    Which of the following is a negative effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement?
    The outsourcing of manufacturing jobs from the United States to Mexico
    An increase in oil exports from Mexico to the United States
    The elimination of import tariffs that increased the level of trade
    The increase of foreign investments among the three nations
  • Q14
    In Canada, almost anyone can start a business. However, the government requires that employees of those businesses receive a minimum wage of $12.65. Which statement is the MOST accurate about Canada's economy?
    It has many command elements and few market elements.
    It has a majority of market elements and a moderate amount of command elements.
    It has an even mix of market and command elements.
    It has many market elements and almost no command elements.

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