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Capital Resources in South/East Asia

Quiz by Todd

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the name of the Chinese program to invest in more capital goods?
    Four Modernizations
    Industrial Revolution
    Great Leap Forward
    Green Revolution
  • Q2
    In what areas has India invested in capital resources?
    agriculture and desalination technology
    mining and drilling technology
    desalination and oil production technology
    factories, modern machinery, advanced technology
  • Q3
    Why is it important for Japan to invest in capital goods?
    They use technology to manufacture artificial minerals
    They have many natural resources that require high tech machinery
    They use sophisticated farming technology
    They are very industrial and have little natural resources
  • Q4
    Why has North Korea not invested more diversely in capital resources?
    Most of their money is invested in the military
    Most of their money is invested in agriculture
    Most of their money is sent to South Korea.
    Most of their money is used to pay reparations to the U.N.
  • Q5
    Invest in capital goods is important for South Korea because most of its economy is based on:
    the mining industry
    high tech industries
    the defense industry
    the agricultural industry

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