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Career Research Project

Quiz by Nikia Palacios

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Tasks and Responsibilities and Work Environment and Conditions belong to what section of the Career Research Project Rubrics?
    Career Research
    Definition and Description of Career
    Training and Education Description
    Education & Career Definition
  • Q2
    Education and Training include the following topics?
    a description of the educational/training requirements.
    Education, training
    Type of education and the amount of education/training needed. Where will you get the education/training? How long will it take?
    School, Career, Job
  • Q3
    Requirements for higher level positions and pay is covered under what section in the career research project rubric?
    Opportunities for employment
    Opportunities for advancement section.
    Opportunities for higher pay.
    Advancement for Opportunities in employment.
  • Q4
    Average Salary, Highest career level salary, and possible benefits is located in what section of the rubrics?
    Salary and Advancement Benefits
    Salary and Benefits
    Benefits and Employment.
    Training and Salary Benefits.
  • Q5
    What is the highest score possible for the career research project?
    50 points
  • Q6
    When is the career research project due?
    Aug. 14th
    Aug. 16th
    Aug. 21st.
    Aug. 20th

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