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Careers in Environmental and Natural Resources

Quiz by Chelsea Woelfler

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  • Q1
    Which career focus in environmental and natural resources involved collecting and sampling soil and water to analyze and prepare conservation plans?
    Education and Communication
    Soil and Water Conservation
    Air Quality
  • Q2
    What does Solid Waste Management include?
    Working with tree farms, forest operations and using plants to improve the environment
    Installation and management of wastewater collection
    Collection and disposal of solid waste
    Planning safety programs to implement to create safer waste programs
  • Q3
    Which career path involves protecting aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.
    None of the Above
    Wildlife and Endangered Species Protection
    Soil and Water Conservation
    Education and Communicatoin
  • Q4
    Which of the following is not an economy importance of environment and natural resources?
    All of the above are economy importance
    Protects soil, water and air enabling humans to live well
    Provides forest plant production
    Educates Society in order for people to learn and grow
  • Q5
    True or false: Many of the jobs in the environmental and natural resources pathway require training and education in various sciences.

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