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Quiz by Amy Caffey

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Which Venn diagram correctly describes the relationship between Set R and Set W? R = real numbers / W = whole numbers.
  • Q2
    Which point on the number line best represents the location of √92?
    Question Image
    Point Q
    Point P
    Point N
    Point M
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q5
  • Q6
    The areas of three circles are shown. Which list shows the circles in order from greatest area to least area?
    Question Image
    Circle X, circle Z, circle Y
    Circle X, circle Y, circle Z
    Circle Y, circle Z, circle X
    Circle Z, circle Y, circle X
  • Q7
    Four students are each trying to raise the same amount of money for a class trip. The table below shows how much of each student’s goal has been met. Which list shows the numbers in the table in order from least to greatest?
    Question Image
    5/8, 2/3, 65%, 0.7
    5/8 , 65%, 2/3, 0.7
    0.7, 5/8, 65%, 2/3
    0.7, 65%, 5/8, 2/3
  • Q8
  • Q9
    Which list shows the numbers below in order from least to greatest? 5.78, -5.9, 58%, -23/4
    58%, -23/4, 5.78, -5.9
    -23/4 , -5.9, 58%, 5.78
    -5.9, -23/4, 5.78, 58%
    -5.9, -23/4 , 58%, 5.78
  • Q10
    Question Image
  • Q11

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