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Catering Hierarchy within the RAF

Quiz by steve gill

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  • Q1
    What does DFS stand for?
    Defence For Services
    Defence Food Services
    Defence Free Services
    Defence Food Sucks
  • Q2
    Where is Defence Food Services located?
    HQ Land, Andover
    Upavon, Salisbury
    Tipton, Bath
  • Q3
    What are 3 things A4 Cat Ops assess on a visit to a station?
    Beef quality, Vending machines, Food production standards
    Food Hygiene & Safety, Food Production Standards, Front of House Services.
    Water purity, Uniforms, Knife skills
    Retail outlets, Customer feedback, Accommodation
  • Q4
    How often do A4 Cat Ops visit a station with Trade Group 19 present to conduct an inspection?
    Every 24 months
    Every 6 months
    Every 18 months
    Every 12 months

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