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Causal Slippery Slope, Golden Mean & False Dichotomy


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5 questions
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  • Q1

    According to the advertisement, what is the end result of paying too much for Cable TV?

    You get body-slammed by a lowland gorilla 

    You get bitten by bed bugs

    Your company gives your job to someone else

    You stay in bed

  • Q2

    Causal Slippery Slope is inherently fallacious

    True or False
  • Q3

    What fallacy is this?

    A: Ben Davis should be exempted from 2 years of National Service.

    B: Ben Davis shouldn’t be exempted from said 2 years of National Service.

    Conclusion: Ben Davis should serve National Service for 1 year

    False Dichotomy 

    Golden Mean Fallacy 

    Causal Slippery Slope

  • Q4

    What is wrong with this golden mean fallacy?

    John: God exists.

    Mary: God doesn’t exist.

    Mark: Okay, so God partially exists is (likely to be) true.

    There may be multiple moderate positions that we need to consider

    An extreme position is not necessarily false

    No meaningful moderate position can be constructed from a pair of extremes

  • Q5

    "If vaccines work, then why are vaccinated people getting COVID?”

    "Either the vaccines are entirely effective at stopping infections or they are completely ineffective, Since people are still getting infected, therefore vaccines are completely ineffective" 

    What type of false dichotomy is this?




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