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  • Q1

    All of the events listed occured during the- 

    Question Image

    Revolutionary era

    Jacksonian Era

    Era of Good feelings

    Era of westward Expansion

  • Q2

    How did the American colonies react to the enforcement of the Intolerable Acts? 

    By placing a tax on all goods imported from Great Britain

    By holding the First Continental Congress to discuss unified resistance

    By collecting funds to pay for the teadestroyed in Boston Harbor

    By sending ambassadors to France to request military aid

  • Q3

    How did the American colonists IMMEDIATELY respond to the 1774 laws described in these headlines?

    Question Image

    The colonists adopted the Articles of Confederation

    The First Continental Congress declared war on Great Britain

    The First Continental Congress sent a list of grievances to King George III

    The colonists adopted the Bill of Rights

  • Q4

    Which statement best explains why this resolution was adopted? 

    Question Image

    Colonists created this in order to address the causes of the Boston Massacre

    Colonists wanted to expand powers given to governors appointed by King George III. 

    Colonsits were upset by the punishment imposed after the Boston Tea Party

    Colonists were opposed to colonial laws being created only by Parliament

  • Q5

    What was the primary reason Parliament passed these acts? 

    Question Image

    To recover the cost of defending the colonies

    To fund the establishment of new colonies

    To promote the growth of cottage industries in the colonies

    To encourage foreign trade with the coloneis

  • Q6

    How did mercantilist policies create tension between Great Britain and the colonies? 

    By requiring colonists to enlist in the military

    By preventing colonists from trading with most other foreign countires. 

    By limiting the amount of farmland each colonist could have

    By introducing indentured servitude to the middle colonies

  • Q7

    Which of the following best completes this diagram? 

    Question Image

    Colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor

    Colonists sought military support from France

    Colonists signed the Declaration of Independence

    Colonists organized boycotts of British goods

  • Q8

    These acts contributed to the start of the Revolutionary War by-

    Question Image

    restricting colonial trade with American Indians

    angering colonists who believed that their civil liberties had been violated

    imposing regulations on colonial agriculture

    punishing colonists for resisting the authority of Parliament

  • Q9

    The excerpt reflects the dissatisfaction of the American colonists with the- 

    Question Image

    economic consequences of the Great Awakening

    economic policies imposed by Great Britain following the French and Indian War

    intereference of Great Britain in the slave trade

    political debates that took place at the Albany convention

  • Q10

    British colonists objected to the Proclamation of 1763 because they-

    wanted to be able to trade freely with foreign nations

    feared it would provoke attacks from American Indians

    resented the limits it imposed on westward expansion

    did not want to share control of the fur trade with France

  • Q11

    The  British government  issued the Proclamation of 1763 to limit the area the British colonists were allowed to settle. Which geographic feature did the British use as the boundary of the approved settlement? 

    Lake Michigan

    Mississippi River

    Appalachian Mountains

    Gulf of Mexico

  • Q12

    The actions described in this excerpt were carried out in order to-

    Question Image

    end trade disagreements between colonists and French traders

    protest British taxation policies

    protest a ban on selling beverages in the colonies

    encourage the outbreak of war between England and France

  • Q13

    Which of these completes this graphic organizer? 

    Question Image

    Parliament passes the Intolerable Acts

    King George III appoints colonial representatives to parliament

    Parliament repeals the Stamp and Sugar Acts

    King George III allows colonists to petition Parliament for tax relief


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