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Causes of the Civil War

Quiz by Kelly Lippard

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  • Q1
    Which two regions fought against each other in the Civil War?
    US and Great Britain
    Northeast and Southwest
    East and West Coast
    North and South
  • Q2
    The South depended on slave labor because
    more people were working in factories.
    people from Ireland were moving there.
    the cotton industry was growing.
    fishing was important to the area.
  • Q3
    Northerners and Southerners disagreed about whether
    citizens in new territories should pay taxes.
    they should expand territories to the west or the east.
    slavery should be allowed in new territories.
    the president should have the power to make laws.
  • Q4
    Many people in the North were starting to work at
  • Q5
    Why didn't Northerners want Missouri to join the Union?
    They believed that California should join instead.
    They thought the Union should have only 22 states.
    They did not need more cotton for their factories.
    They did not want another slave state in Congress.
  • Q6
    The Missouri Compromise
    let Maine join the Union as a free state, but didn't let Missouri join as a slave state.
    calmed the anger between the North and South, but didn't settle the conflict.
    brought slavery to the free states, but didn't allow factories in the slave states.
    allowed the Louisiana purchase, but didn't let settlers move into the region.
  • Q7
    A person who wanted to end slavery was called a/an
  • Q8
    California's request to enter the Union as a free state caused
    Alabama to join the Union as a slave state
    Congress to make the Compromise of 1850.
    more cotton plantations to open in the North.
    Missouri and Maine to leave the Union.
  • Q9
    The Fugitive Slave Law stated that
    abolitionists can't support the Underground Railroad.
    officials in the North would help return runaway slaves.
    the Compromise of 1850 no longer matters to the states.
    slaves are considered free if they escape to a free state.
  • Q10
    The "Bleeding Kansas" conflict showed that
    Nebraska and Kansas should not join the Union.
    the North and South were coming to an agreement about slavery.
    compromises were not enough to hold the Union together.
    more cotton plantations were opening in the South.
  • Q11
    Southerners did not want Lincoln to be president because he
    was against slavery spreading to new territories.
    commanded his armies to attack Fort Sumter.
    didn't buy products or wear clothes made of cotton.
    refused to support the Underground Railroad.
  • Q12
    The Southern states formed the Confederacy because
    Northerners didn't support the Underground Railroad.
    Lincoln thought it would be better to split up the country.
    the South wanted to protect their right to own slaves.
    Congress did not pass the Fugitive Slave Law.

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