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CBB Final Test - Enum

Quiz by Isabelle Pilson

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34 questions
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  • Q1

    If the farmer does not know their coffee land size, what do you do?

    Put zero in for farm size

    Help them estimate it

    Skip the question

    Stop the survey

  • Q2

    If a farmer has a coffee farm of 2 acres, how many traps will you give him/her and how many will you recommend that the farmer makes?

    Give 9 and make 7

    Give 8 and make 8

    None of the above is correct

    Give 7 and make 9

    Make 16

    Give 16

  • Q3

    An enums daily activities include... (Select as many as apply.)

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  • Q4

    What should you do if there is a building in the middle of the plot that you are taking a polygon of? (Select as many as apply.)

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  • Q5

    For the CBB infestation protocol, where do you walk?

    Across the longest diagonal of coffee trees

    Along one side of the coffee trees

    The perimeter of the farm

    In a zig-zag

  • Q6

    When you are counting CBB holes in cherries, what should you NOT do?

    Count holes on trees that are at least 15 steps apart

    Only count trees that have 25 or more green cherries (larger than pea-sized)

    Choose a branch that is at chest-level

    Count holes in red cherries

  • Q7

    CBB can be present in coffee at all these stages except?

    5 months after flowering

    2 months after flowering

    During flowering

    After harvesting

  • Q8

    Which part of the coffee tree do CBB attack?

    Coffee berry

    Coffee roots

    Coffee leaves

    Coffee flowers

  • Q9

    When should farmers take off the CBB traps?

    When there are too many CBBs captured

    When they spray

    When there are no CBB bodies captured

    During harvest

    Before major flowering

    After major flowering

  • Q10

    How should farmer address infested cherries on the ground?

    Compost them

    Drown them in alcohol solution

    Bury them

    Burn them

  • Q11

    All of these can help a farmer identify CBB except?

    Color change

    Tiny dark holes on berry

    Fungi growth

    Little insects inside the berry

  • Q12

    What is the purpose of the soapy water at the base of the traps?

    Clean the trap

    Disinfect the trap

    Trap beetles

    Attract CBB

  • Q13

    How many traps does a farmer need to control CBB on his/her farm?

    As many as the farmer can

    3 traps per acre

    1 trap per coffee tree

    At least 8 traps per acre

  • Q14

    The alcohol mix that is used in the trap is a made of...

    Ethanol only

    Methanol and ethanol (mostly ethanol)

    Methanol and ethanol (equal parts)

    Propanol and methanol (mostly methanol)

    Methanol only

    Propanol and methanol (mostly propanol)

  • Q15

    Traps should be placed about __________ which is around ______ metres off the ground to target CBB flying up from berries on the ground.

    Chest-level; 1.5-2

    Knee-level; 0.5-1

    Waist-level; 1-1.5

    Head-level; 2


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