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CBT Program Knowledge Check V2.0

Quiz by Jera Blore

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  • Q1
    What does “CBT” in CBT Program stand for?
    Center-Based Training
    Center-Based Teacher
    Center-Based Tutor
  • Q2
    Complete the purpose of the CBT Program: To launch self-sustaining PHBEEs with the necessary technological know-how and equip them to become fun and engaging in their lessons while achieving the lesson objective by going through the Center-Based Training Program for ____ days.
  • Q3
    The scope of the CBT Program are the following: 1. All PHBEE applicants who live within or near a 51Talk site 2. Applicants with equipment and/or network issues–tools that do not meet company standards or lack thereof 3. Can commit to the program requirements Distance is specified as_______________.
    Distance of up to 5-10km/or at least an hour travel time
    Distance of up to 10-15km/or at least an hour travel time
    Distance of up to 10-20km/or at least an hour and a half travel time
  • Q4
    Who will will ensure that the applicant has a clear understanding of the program’s purpose: home-based teacher but the training will be center-based?
    Special Projects Team
    RO/ Recruitment Operations Team
    Training Team
    Quality Assurance Team
  • Q5
    What is the 51Talk Center's Hours of Operation?
    All 51Talk centers are open from 10:00 until 23:30:00 for CBTs and 8:00 until 18:00 for applicants
    All 51Talk centers are open from 10:00 until 23:30 for CBTs and 09:00 until 18:00 for applicants
    All 51Talk centers are open from 10:00 until 24:00 for CBTs and 10:00 until 18:00 for applicants
  • Q6
    Complete the statement: A CBT must teach at the center for a minimum of ____ days regardless of his/her TC status.
  • Q7
    When will the Audio-Video and Appearance Check be conducted?
    after 5 OTD
    after the training and TC requirements have been satisfied
    After TC
    after TC requirements have been satisfied
  • Q8
    CB Teacher ABCDE was not allowed to enter the CBT premises even though she has a valid ID and she exhibits a professional attitude towards the admins and colleagues. What might be the reason for this rejection? (Teacher was not _______________________.)
    Teacher is not teaching with a modulated tone of voice.
    Teacher was not dressed appropriately.
    Teacher was using mobile phone while teaching.
  • Q9
    What is/are the required training(s) that you need to finish in order to graduate from the program?
    BK-12 only
    BK-12, JK-12, and Free Trial Specialization
    BK-12 and JK-12
  • Q10
    As a center-based trainee, it is your responsibility to?
    Prepare before and during the lesson.
    Maintain site and workstation cleanliness, practice CLAYGO (Clean As You Go), observe proper personal hygiene and have a sound mind and body
    All of the above
    Use TPR and manipulatives on all applicable lessons
  • Q11
    For urgent concerns, such as absence notification, you should contact the _____ via the 51Talk hotline
    CBT Program Admins
    Lesson Support Team
    Teacher Support Team
  • Q12
    When you're ready to have the Tech Check, you need to contact the ________ via _______ for a schedule
    Teacher Support Team via Skype
    CBT Program Admins via Skype
    Technical Helpdesk Team via 51Talk Support Portal

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