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Quiz by Penny Rainbolt

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    How does the Catholic Church help us to gain heaven?
    It gives us a place to pray
    It helps us to learn how to share our money
    Through the Sacraments
    It helps us to confess our sins
  • Q2
    What must you do to be happy with God in heaven?
    1. Know God, 2. Love God, 3. Serve God
    Bring friends and relatives back into the Church.
    Be kind to other people
    Go to Church every Sunday
  • Q3
    Is Original Sin the only kind of Sin?
    I'm not sure.
  • Q4
    What is "actual sin"?
    They are sins we never confess.
    Sin that we commit ourselves.
    Causing others to sin.
    These are real and not fake sins.
  • Q5
    What does "Mortal Sins" do to us?
    Makes us enemies of God and robs our souls of His grace.
    Locks us out of the Church.
    Prevents us from going to confession.
    Makes us die.
  • Q6
    What happens to those who die in mortal sin?
    Punished forever in the fires of hell.
    They go purgatory.
    They go into limbo.
    They go to heaven.
  • Q7
    How does Jesus help all men to gain Heaven?
    Through the Mass.
    Through the Catholic Church
    Through Confession.
    Through the Eucharist.
  • Q8
    What do we call the three persons in God?
    Three of a kind.
    The Blessed Trinity
    The Triplets
    The Trilogy
  • Q9
    What is sin?
    Sin is disobedience to man's laws.
    Sin is disobedience to God's Laws.
    Sin is disobedience to your parent's laws.
    Sin is disobedience to your friend's laws.
  • Q10
    What is the sin called that was passed to us from Adam?
    First Sin
    Original Sin
    Birth Sin
    Man's Sin
  • Q11
    What is mortal sin?
    Deadly sin
    Truthful sin
    forgivable sin.
    Last sin
  • Q12
    What is venial sin?
    It's not a sin.
    A lesser sin.
    It's the first sin.
    A bigger sin.
  • Q13
    Why did God the Son become man?
    He just wanted to see what it would be like to be human.
    He really wanted to taste the food that people were eating and to drink some wine.
    He just wanted to be able to talk face to face with people.
    To satisfy for the sins of all men and to help everyone gain heaven.
  • Q14
    How did Jesus satisfy for the sins of all men?
    By healing the sick when he was here.
    By telling us not to worry but that he will wipe away our sins before we die.
    By visiting a lot of people and preaching to them.
    By His sufferings and death on the cross.
  • Q15
    What is a Sacrament?
    A statement of belief of God by a person.
    Rituals of the Church.
    A special dinner at mass.
    A sign of Christ to give grace.

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