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Celebrate Jamestown

Quiz by Yvonne Sanchez

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    The main idea of A Dangerous Land is
    the land was marshy and had many mosquitoes.
    they were attacked by the Powhaten.
    colonists did not choose a good piece of land so they experienced hardships.
    they fought indigenous people
  • Q2
    In the section, Heading Home?, which reason is NOT a cause the colonists wanted to return to England?
    Crops would not grow.
    After two years of hardship, the supply ship arrived from England.
    Many died from drinking water from the James River.
    They ran out of food.
  • Q3
    One result of the drought was:
    The colonists moved the Jamestown location.
    England sent John Rolfe to come save them.
    Colonists died from drinking water from the James River.
    The colonists moved back to England.
  • Q4
    Name a result of the marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.
    John Rolfe was able to buy tobacco seeds for Jamestown.
    the relationship between the colonists and the Powhatans improved.
    The tobacco industry grew.
    The drought ended.
  • Q5
    The main idea of A Better Life is
    The drought ended and life changed in Jamestown.
    The tobacco industry changed the economic situation in Jamestown.
    Slave trade and tobacco changed Jamestown.
    The leadership of John Rolfe and the end of the drought brought positive change to Jamestown.
  • Q6
    Which detail best supports the main idea of A Changing Land?
    Without leaves, rainwater washed away nutrients.
    Bees pollinate plants like watermelon, apple trees and peach trees.
    The end of the drought made the land healthy for farming.
    Animals that had never been seen in the New World impacted the territory.
  • Q7
    Which statement best describes the main idea of the entire article, Celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown?
    The colonists endured hard years during the drought. The end of the drought, John Rolfe's leadership and new animals made life better in Jamestown.
    The colonists of Jamestown survived, thanks to John Rolfe and the new animals brought from England.
    The drought made the start of the colony difficult, and the end of the drought turned things around.
    The colony of Jamestown was located in a difficult area for the colonists.

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