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Cell Cycle Practice

Quiz by Carlee Moir

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which event occurs during interphase?
    a. Spindle fibers begin to form.
    b. DNA doubles (sister chromatids form)
    d. Cytoplasm divides
    c. Chromosomes line up along equator
  • Q2
    When during the cell cycle are chromosomes first visible?
    a. only during interphase
    c. only during cell division
    d. only during the G1 phase
    b. only when replicating
  • Q3
    During normal mitotic cell division, a parent cell that has four chromosomes will produce two daughter cells, each containing
    D. sixteen chromosomes.
    B. four chromosomes.
    C. eight chromosomes.
    A. two chromosomes.
  • Q4
    One difference between cell division in plant cells and in animal cells is that plant cells have
    a. Sister chromatids
    b. cell plate form during cytokinesis.
    d. chromatin.
    c. Cleavage furrow occur.
  • Q5
    Which phase of mitosis does the picture below best depict?
    Question Image
    C. Anaphase
    A. Interphases
    D. Telophase
    B. Prophase

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