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30 questions
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  • Q1
    All panels are listed in the Window menu.
    Where can you access the command to displayor hide any panel?
  • Q2
    these buttons are components of the Document toolbar
    Where can you find the Code, Design, and Split view buttons?
  • Q3
    Workspaces can save the configuration of the document window, the open panels, and
    What can be saved in a workspace?
  • Q4
    No, keyboard shortcuts are loaded and preserved independently of a workspace
    Do workspaces also load keyboard shortcuts?
  • Q5
    the Property inspector adapts to the selected element, displaying pertinent
    elements on the webpage?
  • Q6
    See image
    information and formatting commands.
  • Q7
    HTML is a plain-text language that can be opened and edited in any text editor and
    What programs can open HTML files?
  • Q8
    See image
    viewed in any web browser.
  • Q9
    A markup language places tags contained within brackets < > around plain-text
    What does a markup language do?
  • Q10
    See image
    content to pass information concerning structure and formatting from one application
  • Q11
    See image
    to another.
  • Q12
    False. Over 30 tags have been deprecated from HTML 4, and almost 50 new tags have
    True or false? HTML5 is not very different from HTML 4.
  • Q13
    See image
    been added to HTML5. !at means almost half of the entire language has changed
  • Q14
    Most webpages are composed of three sections: a root, head, and body.
    What are the three main parts of most webpages?
  • Q15
    A block element creates a stand-alone element. An inline element can exist within another element.
    What's the difference between a block element and an inline element?

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