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  • Q1
    Lincoln, the Republican candidate, won because the Democratic party was split over slavery. As a result, the South no longer felt like it has a voice in politics and a number of states seceded from the Union.
    Election of 1860
  • Q2
    16th President of the United States saved the Union during the Civil War and emancipated the slaves
    Abraham Lincoln
  • Q3
    the southern states that seceded from the United States in 1861
    Confederate States of America
  • Q4
    President of the Confederate States of America
    Jefferson Davis
  • Q5
    stated that no state can lawfully get out of the union but pledged there would be no war unless the south started it
    Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
  • Q6
    Federal fort in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina; the confederate attack on the fort marked the start of the Civil War
    Fort Sumter
  • Q7
    Union war plan by Winfield Scott, called for blockade of southern coast, capture of Richmond, capture Mississippi R., and to take an army through heart of the South
    "Anaconda Plan"
  • Q8
    Confederate general who had opposed secession but did not believe the Union should be held together by force
    Robert E. Lee
  • Q9
    created to "mandate" enrollment in the U.S army; required people for military duty.
    Conscription (Draft)
  • Q10
    Brave commander of the Confederate Army that led troops at Bull Run. He died in the confusion at the Battle of Chancellorsville.
    "Stonewall" Jackson
  • Q11
    Civil War battle in which the North succeeded in halting Lee's Confederate forces in Maryland. Was the bloodiest battle of the war resulting in 25,000 casualties
    Battle of Antietam
  • Q12
    Proclamation issued by Lincoln, freeing all slaves in areas still at war with the Union.
    Emancipation Proclamation
  • Q13
    An American patriotic hymn from the Civil War by Julia Ward Howe, who wrote it after a visit to an encampment of the Union Army.
    "Battle Hymn of Republic"
  • Q14
    Turning point of the War that made it clear the North would win. 50,000 people died, and the South lost its chance to invade the North.
    Battle of Gettysburg
  • Q15
    A speech given by Abraham Lincoln after the Battle of Gettysburg, in which he praised the bravery of Union soldiers and renewed his commitment to winning the Civil War; supported the ideals of self-government and human rights
    Gettysburg Address

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