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Ch. 14 Las Uvas

Quiz by Cori Legemaat

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  • Q1
    Who took the money orders?
  • Q2
    Why did Mama graciously say that Miguel must have needed the money?
    To help Esperanza
    To get to northern California
    To pay off a debt
    To buy food
  • Q3
    Why was Esperanza angry with Miguel for taking the money?
    Because he didn't ask for permission
    Because he wasted the money
    Because it was not his and she had worked hard for it
    Because he took too much money
  • Q4
    What did Alfonso do that was unusual?
    He skipped work completely
    He brought lunch for everyone
    He left the fields and came to the sheds in the middle of the day
    He invited his family to visit him
  • Q5
    What did Miguel bring back instead of the stolen items?
  • Q6
    What smell did Esperanza associate with Abuelita?
    Coffee, chocolate, and lavender
    Flowers, vanilla, and cinnamon
    Bread, herbs, and citrus
    Face powder, garlic, and peppermint
  • Q7
    What did Esperanza do when she saw Abuelita?
    Reach out for her and bury her head in her
    Run away in fear
    Ask her to leave
    Ignore her and walk away
  • Q8
    What was Isabel's reaction when she met Abuelita?
    She hugged Abuelita tightly
    She ran away scared
    Her eyes widened and her mouth popped open in surprise
    She gave Abuelita a gift
  • Q9
    What did Mama do when she realized it was Abuelita?
    She lifted her hand and reached out to touch her mother's face
    She ran towards Abuelita
    She sat down and hugged Abuelita
    She started crying uncontrollably
  • Q10
    How did Esperanza feel while watching Abuelita and Mama reunite?
    She wondered if her own heart would burst from so much joy
    She felt sad and lonely
    She felt jealous of Mama and Abuelita
    She felt angry and betrayed
  • Q11
    What did Abuelita do when she had a feeling that something was wrong with Mama?
    Lit candles every day and prayed
    Asked for help
    Went to the train station
    Went to the garden
  • Q12
    What did Abuelita find in the garden that gave her hope for Mama?
    A message from Esperanza
    An injured bird that flew again
    A blooming rose
    A note from Señor Rodríguez
  • Q13
    Who took Abuelita to the train station?
    The nuns
    Tío Luis
    Miguel and Señor Rodríguez
  • Q14
    What did Esperanza want to do before sunrise on her birthday?
    Go hiking
    Go to the foothills
    Go fishing
    Have a picnic
  • Q15
    What did Esperanza feel when she lay on the ground?
    The earth's heartbeat
    Wind blowing
    The sun's warmth
    Her own heartbeat

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