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Ch 14 post-reading quiz p. 334-7/347-2

Quiz by Julie

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  • Q1
    Which of the following was NOT an advantage the Spanish had over the Aztecs and Inca?
    Immunity to diseases like smallpox
    Strategic Alliances
    Steel weapons, gunpowder, and horses
    Greater numbers of soldiers
  • Q2
    What role did the Jesuits play in the Spanish colonies in the Americas? (multiple correct answers)
    C)They served as representatives of the King called Viceroys
    A) They opened missions with schools, hospitals, and orphanages
    Both A and B
    B)They stayed true to their goal of being the "warriors of the Pope" and forcefully converted indigenous populations to Catholicism
  • Q3
    Match the following systems that the Spanish used to enslave indigenous Americans to the correct definition
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  • Q4
    Sort the following items that were part of the Columbian exchange.
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