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CH 2 Practice Exam.

Quiz by Nikia Palacios

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Because mental health care is not covered in Australia under the basic health plan, which citizens are more likely to receive mental health care?
  • Q2
    Mental health care is available under the universal health care system in Britain, which is funded primarily by:
    Tax revenues
    Small businesses
    Private donations
  • Q3
    The __________ model views clients holistically with the goal of creating a support system designed to encourage independence in the client with a mental health disorder.
    Community support systems
    Case management
    Multidisciplinary health care team
    Client population
  • Q4
    The home mental health nurse visits a female client to assess her ability to care for herself at home after discharge from an inpatient setting. Which component of the case management system does this demonstrate?
    Psychosocial rehabilitation
    Resource linkage
    Crisis intervention
  • Q5
    A client with a severe, treatment-resistant mental illness has been assigned to an assertive community treatment (ACT) team. An ACT treatment strategy that helps to prevent recurrent hospitalizations for mental health reasons is to meet with the client in the community setting:
    Five to six times per week
    Seven to eight times per week
    Once per week
    Two to four times per week
  • Q6
    Which member of the multidisciplinary mental health care team is primarily responsible for evaluating the family of the client, as well as the environmental and social surroundings of the client, and plays a major role in the admission of new clients?
    Clinical psychologist
    Psychiatric nurse
    Psychiatric social worker
  • Q7
    It is estimated that approximately _____ million adults in the United States experience some form of mental or emotional disorder.
  • Q8
    A male client with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder is admitted to an inpatient unit during a severe manic episode. As a result of guidelines implemented by the Health Care Financing Administration in 1983, the client’s Medicare will pay for his stay in this unit for:
    2 to 4 weeks
    Up to 6 months with appropriate documentation
    A pre-determined length of time based on the diagnosis
    The length of time necessary for his condition to be stabilized
  • Q9
    A female client was given the diagnosis of schizophrenia and recently has lost her job. She tells the nurse that she has enough money for only two more house payments, and if she does not find a job, she fears she will become homeless. The nurse knows that this client falls into the group of nearly __________ of U.S. citizens who live below the poverty level.
  • Q10
    Addiction to recreational drugs, such as crack, cocaine, and heroin, combined with use of psychotherapeutic drugs is associated with:
    Permanent psychotic states
    Bipolar disorder
    Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Q11
    A female client who is undergoing therapy for depression is divorced and has two children, ages 2 and 4. She has just enrolled in a local community college and is worried about providing food and clothes for her family while holding down a minimum wage job and devoting the time needed to be successful in school. The nurse determines that the best community resource for assisting this client to meet these needs is:
    An AA meeting.
    A shelter for victims of domestic violence
    A family-planning agency
    Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Correct
  • Q12
    The home care nurse is providing care to an older adult client with a diagnosis of depression who is caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s disease. He states that he hardly has enough energy to cook and clean the house. The couple has no children, and no relatives live within a close distance. Which community agency would be of greatest benefit to this client?
    An adult education program
    A day care center for the elderly
    A recreational club
    Meals on Wheels
  • Q13
    A 9-year-old girl is given the diagnosis of depression. She has low self-esteem, does not enjoy group therapy, and does not show her emotions. The nurse has had difficulty establishing rapport with this client and decides to ask for assistance from another treatment team member. Which team member would best assist in this situation?
    Occupational therapist
    Psychiatric assistant
    Expressive therapist
  • Q14
    Nearly __________ of all countries in the world have no clear governmental policy that addresses mental health issues.
  • Q15
    A woman is admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit after a suicide attempt by overdose. The primary rationale for her admission is to:
    Maintain responsibility for her own behavior
    Have limited supervision by health care personnel
    Provide her with a safe and secure environment
    Receive treatment in the least restrictive manner

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