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Ch 2 The Constitution AP Gov.

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    The Constitution defines the structure of the national and state governments and __________
    regulates the relationship between government and each individual citizen
    promotes the fomation of a donfederation of states
    restricts the power of county or parish governments
    restricts the power of the individual citizen
  • Q2
    Theoretically, the colonies were governed by England, but the colonists were able to exercise a large measure of self-government because the _______
    distance between mother country and the colonies allowed more freedom
    colonial representatives in Parliament had lobbied for more freedom
    British had not issued a charter to each of the colonies thus allowing greater individual rights
    British were more concerned with colonies in India
  • Q3
    While gathered in Philadelphia for the First Continental Congress, delegates from 12 colonies _______
    called for King George to step down from the throne
    approve a declaration of war against England
    called for individuals to watch their neighbors and report violation of the ban on trade with Britain
    approved a resolution calling for a declaration of independence from England
  • Q4
    While a peaceful settlement with the British parliament was still being discussed, the Second Continental Congress _________
    declared war on Great Britain, France, and Spain
    established an army and named George Washingon as commander in chief
    established a navy and named John Paul Jones supreme commnder
    entered into an agreement with France to go to war with Great Britain
  • Q5
    Thomas Pain's work, Common Sense, was important for both his ideas and his _______
    orations in local speeches
    ability to make the arguments in plain language for the raders
    ties to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and George III
    continuing loyalty to aristocratic ideals
  • Q6
    The Declaration of Independence was necessary to ________
    identify the reasons the British saw separation from the colonies a necessary
    create for a delicate balance of federal and state power
    establish the legitimacy of the new nation in the eyes of the governments in Europe and those of the colonists
    demand a separation of church and state
  • Q7
    The concept of a social contract existing between people and the government first occurred in the United States _________
    in the Plymouth colony
    with the Declaration of Independence
    with the Articles of Confederation
    in the Jamestown colony
  • Q8
    the Declaration of Independence reflects the philosophy of John Locke, who argued that ________
    all people possess certain natural rights and that is is the duty of the government to protect those rights
    government must pledge its allegiance to God before it can claim legitimacy
    people possess only those rights that government grants to them
    government cannot interfere with the reality that life is nasty brutish, and short
  • Q9
    Between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and actual independence from Britain being achieved ____________
    the Constitution was drafted
    the Republican party formed in support of strong central government
    the army was disbanded by George Washington
    all of the states adopted written constitutions
  • Q10
    A similarity that exists between the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia during the time of the American Revolution and the state of Nebraska today is that all _________
    imposed a state income tax
    adopted a unicameral legislature
    instituted a non-voluntary state militia
    select to honorarily recognize the British Parliament
  • Q11
    The writers of the Constitution established a federal system of government in part because _______
    a federal government alone would never be able to command the loyalty of the citizens
    the states already existed as established entities and had to be preserved
    the British political system was based on the federal principle
    Locke and Montesquieu had concluded is was superior to other systems of government
  • Q12
    The Article of Confederation established a voluntary association of independent states that ________
    relied on the national government to resolve all regional conflicts
    agreed to only limited restraint on their freedom of action
    did not collect tariffs on goods coming into the state
    were represented on the basis of population in the Confederate Assembly
  • Q13
    The relationship between Congress and the states under the Articles of Confederation most resembles that between __________
    state government and local counties
    the United Nations and its member countries
    the present United States and its allies
    Canada, the United States, an Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Q14
    the United States' first written constitution was the _________
    Declaration of Independence
    Articles of Confederation
    Mayflower Compact
  • Q15
    Under the Articles of Confederation, the government _________
    actions of Congress required the consent of all 13 states
    was a bicameral assembly with a representative from each state
    did not create the role of a president of the United States
    created a relationship with the states that made them dependent on the strong central government

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