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Ch 25 pg. 531-541 B

Quiz by Robert Yount

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    How did the war affect US business?
    Business and industrial output were not affected
    Zero effect
    Business dropped, industrial output went down, depression prolonged
    Business boomed, industrial output went up, depression ended
  • Q2
    What did the Office of War Mobilization (OWM) do?
    OWM controlled the military
    OWM controlled the food of the military
    OWM controlled the transportation of the military
    OWM set production and controlled raw materials
  • Q3
    Identity agreements from Yalta
    All of these
    3. Soviets would enter war against Japan and Soviets would get land/Islands and have control in the pacific
    There would be free elections in newly liberated Europe countries that the soviets controlled and United Nations would be established
    Germany divided into occupation zones
  • Q4
    What did the Office of Price Administration (OPA) do?
    OPA didn't exist
    OPA controlled Union wages
    OPA regulated prices
    OPA controlled the military budget

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