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Ch 4 pg 73-77 B

Quiz by Robert Yount

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  • Q1
    Please identify provisions (terms) of the Townshend Acts
    All of these
    allows searches of Private homes
    New duties (taxes) on tea
    New duties (taxes) on glass, and paper
  • Q2
    What was a reason for the King to repeal the Townshend Acts
    Hurt Trade and Revenue
    Benefited France and Spain too much
    The Queen opposed
    The colonists marched
  • Q3
    Identify parts the Intolerable Acts (also known as coercive acts)
    British Military occupation of Massachusetts
    British Military occupation of Ports
    Closed Port of Boston, Reduced power of Mass Gov, Officials could be tried in Britain, expanded quartering act
    None of these
  • Q4
    What was the Quebec Act?
    Established Quebec as official colony
    Established Catholicism as official religion
    Established Christianity as official religion
    Established Quebec as official canadian colony

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