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Ch8.5 Rusting

Quiz by Alison Tandy

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Compared to a combustion reaction (explosion or fire), rusting is:
    a slow reaction
    the same rate of reaction
    a fast reaction
  • Q2
    What is meant by the word 'corrosion'?
    A reaction that is fast and explosive.
    A reaction when substances 'eat away' at another substance.
    A reaction when substances combines to make them stronger.
  • Q3
    Salt acts like a catalyst for rusting because it:
    slows down the reaction and is used up
    slows down the reaction but is not used up
    speeds up the reaction and is used up
    speeds up the reaction but is not used up
  • Q4
    What are the two main reactants that combine with iron to produce rust?
    salt and oxygen
    water and salt
    water and oxygen
  • Q5
    The rusting reaction of iron can be represented by which word equation?
    iron + rust --> water + oxygen
    iron + water + oxygen --> rust
    rust --> iron + water + oxygen
  • Q6
    What is one way to protect iron from rusting?
    Spraying it with salt water
    Coating it in a more reactive metal like zinc
    Heating up the iron
    Coating it in a less reactive metal like copper
  • Q7
    Rusting will slow down when you put iron in a:
    Salty environment
    Dry environment
    Wet environment

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