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Chapter 1 - Retail Industry

Quiz by La Quinta Beavers

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    A good retailer will try to be
    Some things to some people
    Some things to all people
    All things to all people
    All things to some people
  • Q2
    Which of the following is an inaccurate description regarding the distribution process?
    Manufacturer -->wholesaler --> retailer --> end user
    Manufacturer --> retailer --> wholesaler --> end user
    Manufacturer --> wholesaler --> end user
    manufacturer --> end user
  • Q3
    These retailers started online and continue to do all their business that way (Ex. Amazon)
    Pure Play
    Off-Price Retailers
    Direct Selling
    Wholesale Clubs
  • Q4
    The person who makes quick purchase decisions. These purchasers are often fairly inexpensive items and don't have a high importance.
    Recreational Shopper
    Impulse Buyer
    Diverse Shopper
    Innovative Customer
  • Q5
    The manager of the shipping and receiving department of a furniture store asks an employee to find out if a vendor in the region carries certain discontinued itmes. The manager wants to know if a
    Question Image
    Person living in the same part of the state has items that are no longer available
    nearby company has a list of products made on the same date
    Nearby company has items that are no longer being made
    Person has called and asked for items that the store doesn't have in stock

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