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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Quiz by David Chrisman

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    the part of government that makes laws
    Question Image
  • Q2
    economic system in which people put money (capital) in a business in order to make a profit in the future. "________ encouraged exploration. Investors formed companies to equip sea voyages or to start colonies."
    Question Image
  • Q3
    large estate farmed by many workers
    Question Image
  • Q4
    System of government in which ordinary citizen have the power to govern. Used in Ancient Greece.
    Question Image
    Direct Democracy
  • Q5
    Economic policy that held that a nation prospered by exporting more goods to foreign nations that it imported from them.
    Question Image
  • Q6
    how people of a region make their living
  • Q7
    political system in which voters elect others to make laws (govern)
    Question Image
    Representative Government
  • Q8
    people who settle in new land but are ruled by the government of their native land
    Question Image
  • Q9
    First permanent English settlement in America. It was founded in 1607 fir the purpose of finding gold. Gold was never found, however, it became successful because of their cash crop, tobacco.
    Jamestown Colony
  • Q10
    (1585-88) called the "Lost Colony." the first English colony was funded by Sir Walter Raleigh. All 150 settlers vanished without a trace
    Roanoke Colony
  • Q11
    A colony established by the English Pilgrims, or Separatists, in 1620. The Separatists were Puritans who abandoned hope that the Anglican Church could be reformed. Plymouth became part of Massachusetts in 1691.
    Question Image
    Plymouth Colony
  • Q12
    1620 - The first agreement for self-government in America. It was signed by the 41 men on the Mayflower and set up a government for the Plymouth colony.
    Mayflower Compact
  • Q13
    Laws that governed trade between England and its colonies. Colonists were required to ship certain products exclusively to England. These acts made colonists very angry because they were forbidden from trading with other countries.
    Question Image
    Navigation Acts
  • Q14
    This term refers to the British policy of ignoring their own laws regulating mercantilism
    Statutory Neglect
  • Q15
    an official document that gives certain rights to an individual or group. "In 1606, King James I of England granted the Virginia Company a ___________ to set up a colony in North America."
    Question Image

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